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Once upon a time...

There was a little girl who was born lactose intolerant and grew up suffering from multiple ear infections, chronic acne, digestive issues, every kind of allergy, respiratory issues, seasonal illnesses and emotional issues. She spent a LOT of time in doctors' offices, feeling bad and taking lots of pills and syrups. She was a miserable mess!

She didn't think things would EVER get better and she thought she'd be stuck with those problems for the rest of her life. Please no!

But things changed for the girl in her late twenties when she found out about therapeutic grade essential oils and proper nutrition. She began to make different choices about what she put in her body that drastically changed her life and allowed her body to begin to heal itself.

Because her story changed for the better, she learned how to help her family and other people change their stories so they could have a happier, healthier life - right up to the ending.

The story continues...

Hi! I'm Katie. I am that little girl and now I am a wife of almost 20 years to my handsome hubby Eric, a mother to five rambunctious kiddos, an entrepreneur and a business developer. 
I am passionate about and LOVE teaching, equipping and empowering women with tools they can use daily to take care of themselves and their families.

I believe God has given us solutions for all of our problems if only we are willing to trust Him to help us find them!

God has been helping me keep my family healthy, well and out of the doctor's office while also developing a successful business since 2012. I am helping open minded people who are committed to finding a healthier lifestyle use what I believe are the most tested, most trusted natural healthcare products in the world in order to live in FREEDOM in ALL areas of life - including FINANCIAL freedom.

Are you like me? Do you share a similar story? Are you tired of pills and a toxic lifestyle? Are you searching to find natural solutions for the problems that are keeping you trapped and feeling depressed, discouraged and hopeless? 

What are you willing to do in order to walk out of the prison of suffering you've been living in?

I can't wait to get to know YOU and your story. 

What our family uses every day may not be the solution for you. You may be perfectly happy with what you are using, but there's a chance what we have may be just exactly what you've been looking for!