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Meet the Lagergren's

Hi! Every person and family has a story. You have a story and we have a story. 

The crazy cool thing about our stories is that we are not a victim of what happens in them. We have the ability to make choices that can change our story and take our lives in a whole new direction!! 

For instance...

Our family used to spend a lot of time in doctors' offices because of different health issues that plagued us year after year. 

Now the only doctors we've needed to see are the eye doctor, the chiropractor and the dentist. About a decade ago, we were introduced to the fascinating and exciting world of therapeutic grade essential oils and toxic-free living that completely changed the story of our lives. 

Watch this short video to find out how we keep ourselves well - physically, mentally & emotionally - and why we do not live in fear of whatever is "going around." :) 

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